Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Eyes are black holes, a vacuum in a space framed
Crystalline unmysterious, clean easy soul windows
Skin is without blemish, smooth and glowing
Flawed, spotted and scarred with past mistakes
The picture of style and trendiness, brightly stunning
Hangs limp. Frizzy, exhausted from trying to impress
Smile beckons people in, come hither smirk
Warm and comforting, but not often seen
Body is skinny, feminine in the right places, perfect
Slightly awkward, misshapen and unbalanced
Voice is strong and proud, confidence in your words
Wavers with the wind, quivering with insecurities
Words are witty and sharp, men hanging on every one
Slow, and thought-out, no spontaneity of speech
Barely a glance in my direction, no threat to you
Conflict of admiration and envy. I hate you, really
Triumphant, they fall over themselves in worship
Alas, I surrender, giving up the ever hopeless fight


  1. This is brilliant; even the fonts play along perfectly.
    Reality versus perception?