Friday, November 28, 2008


I keep having the same nightmare. This dream has the same main players, myself and one other face. Together, we traverse the allusion, directing the course of events that will result in my abrupt awakening. Rousal from sleep, accompanied only by palpitating fear and cold sweat. The circumstances are sometimes different, the setting shifting, the supporting characters faces, skewed and inconsistent. But the dream remains. The theme stays the same. A premise that both chills me down to the core and steers me away from the comfortable path you present. I am not sure if God communicates through our dreams, in this modern age, however, the repetition of this reverie is difficult to ignore. So realistic and attainable, I cannot turn a blind eye. The very thing I daydreamed about in years past, now strikes such fear into my heart. The concept of Forever, with you, no longer brings the joyous bliss of teenage fantasy. Instead I can feel my very soul being suppressed. This newfound independence and strong-willed spirit annihilated and subdued by the new values you ascribe to. Why would you continue wanting me, when it is not reciprocated? When my true feelings arise even in the depths of my subconscious, the emotions that surface in the quiescent dawn.

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