Saturday, May 9, 2009

always worth it

It is exhausting, this daily grind. It wears on my bones. They ache and burn at menial motions, so weary of picking up trash and stacking chairs. My eyes, red upon wakening in these earliest morning hours. I sacrifice much. My immune system, and my social life. Hours of sleep, and possibly my sanity. But the rewards are great. For I smile daily. At the many stories told, and at the antics of these small clowns. Laughter assuaging my headache for just a moment, and that moment is beautifully sweet. I swell with pride. When I discover a budding artist or a hidden talent, for there are many. For in my room might be the dawn of a brilliant poet or a wizened philosopher. I feel accomplishment. When I walk to my car, lesson plans and textbooks juggled in my arms. Fuel for the next day’s journey. I grow. I develop a necessary patience and calm temperament, and I am no longer rattled easily. I learn. I watch and appreciate each childish individual for their unique soul. I study. Becoming a scholar in the art of people. So yes... It is exhausting, hardly glamorous, and I sacrifice much. But I would not trade these rewards for anything.

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