Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ineloquent truth

Well, fuck you then.
You were just like the rest.
Spinning your glittery web,
Entangling me in your lies;
Saccharine words spat out,
to rest in their grave
along with my pride.
In the enveloping dark,
I whispered distrust
But I relinquished, my love,
Resolve no longer strong.
Here we are, my adversary,
as I originally predicted.
You, victoriously satisfied.
Me, vengefully bitter.
Well, fuck you then.


  1. i read this out loud, and there is an internal, angry beat, and a few excess words tripped me up

    fourth line 'untruths'- kinda an awkward word in such a percussive poem. what about switching 'untruths' for 'lies' and in the next line 'lies' for 'words'

    'of my' in the ninth line
    'i' in the tenth
    and 'so' in the 11th

    and HELLLLLOOOOOO fiona apple. i love this. I can feel passion coming off of it. i hope it was cathartic.

    Saccharine lies you spat out,
    to rest in their grave
    along with my pride.

    that wins my envy.

  2. Done and done. Thanks.

    I wrote this stream of consciousness, so I didn't edit much before posting.

    I love Fiona Apple.