Sunday, January 25, 2009

galaxy tango

So minimal in chance-- When stars collide.
Possibilities. Phenomenons of the universe.
Two neutrons join-- Magnitudes swallowed.
Within each other, they become one of the same.
Glorious light, strengthened by the rendezvous.
Or there is us-- Each entity meeting its match,
Counterpoint in the other. Unfalteringly stubborn.
An astrophysical train wreck. Inevitable.
The explosion! Translucent, fiery. Milliseconds.
Unstoppable shock wave -- Flash of brilliant light.
Pulses and energy gone. The universe left with nothing.
Nebulas defying predicted stellar evolution.
Lone blue straggler remains. Weakened and dull.
The death of a star. What does it matter anyways?
Stars are just old light. Brilliant, disintegrating bodies,
Incandescence of years old. Supernovas and Casanovas.
The death of two is inconsequential, unimportant.
Countless remain -- raptured in the glittery death-dance.
Life goes on just fine, I suppose. The planets encircle.
The galaxies watch on, in spiteful scrutiny. Lurking.
Globular clusters bemused and entertained. Hypocrites!
Taking pleasure in this entertaining destruction.
Sadists, the lot of them. Enjoying the shining demolition.
As the luminary slowly dies – Old light extinguished.


  1. This sentence is freaking intense:
    Nebulas defying predicted stellar evolution.
    I had to re-read it 3 times and I still feel like I am missing the entirety of it.

    Melissa says: this might be my favorite thing you've ever written. Really intelligent writing. Unexpected direction, nice twist. And I liked hearing Jeanne speak it aloud.