Wednesday, April 8, 2009

happy place

I was told by a friend to start writing happier things. I tend to be more artistically inspired by the darkness, but that is certainly not an accurate representation of my personality. So even though this is mostly uninspired, I am working on implementing discipline into my art, and not just waiting around for inspiration. So here you go... this is my happy place.

This is my sanctuary. Surrounded by the photographs of my smiling family and friends. One hundred books line these shelves, most of the pages I have read. The color palette is reminiscent of the ocean, soft blue and green pastels. The wind drifts lazily through the open window catching the white curtains in its unpredictable wake. They flutter and float in the breeze, the sunlight streaming through them casting a glow on the whole room. Incense burns from the shelf, filling the space with the sweet smoky musk of lavender. Jewelry spills out of the box, and brightly-colored scarves and purses hang from their hooks on the wall. Dallas is curled on his corner of the bed. He stretches lazily in the patch of sun that he claims as his own. The iPod plays Sufjan quietly from the nightstand as I tap out these words. Memories in every corner, and upon a desk of organized clutter. A stack of novels and my bible are piled on the unused side of the bed, forever my nighttime companion. Lying on my stomach sprawled diagonally across my bed, I survey my small world. My safe zone and my haven. My undisturbed sanctuary.

I am queen.


  1. Ah, a nice peaceful, uplifting read for a change :).

    ~CR (Constant Reader)

  2. Hey! Yes! I love it!