Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This poem is for Jenna and Bryan. A tribute to the countless hours spent on the Bren Lee porch, the hundreds of cigarettes smoked, the millions of tears and hearty laughter that the crumbling walls have seen. And of course, wine. Lots and lots of wine.

Dripping shards of yellow light
Streaming through these open blinds
Sounds drone hum of city round
Accede to sleep, refuse to fight
Dreaming dreams. The panicked sort
Of friendships lost and love alone
Behind closed eyes I see this sign
Painful looks and time cut short
Pretty girls with perfumed hearts
The boys who love them too
Join here in this final dance
To celebrate arm in arm with you
Whistle and lyric and laughter bound.
In witching hour, midst swirling storms.
Toothy grins from cheek to cheek.
We dance, we dance! Across your face
Over you and under you,
We spin and tap and clap in time.
Treading and twirling on violent stilts,
Aloft our parting hearts.

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