Sunday, March 29, 2009

miami ultra

friday 5am wake up, Steve Holt!, 90 mph photo booth, richard simmons, penthouse clear, i'm in miami bitch, "are there drugs in this?", free all-access backstage passes, two long epic days, eight different stages, oh hey fergie, phoneless all weekend, 100,000+ people, black eyed peas, the ting tings, shiny toy guns, two full memory cards, too many energy drinks, free VIP bar, DJ tiesto, miami transport, two dollar fun, promptness fail, stolen parking, mango daquiris, wedding crashing, timbaland, deadmau5, LMFAO, Miss Jane, unfortunate drunk dialing, crashing on floors, Robert is Here foodstand, theological bickering, precious lovely friends, jamie, sean & brian, sunday 8pm finally home = Awesome

You looking kinda cute.
Ultra Music Festival 2009


  1. sounds like you had a pretty good time :) wish I was there.

  2. Dude, That Fergie photo came out awesome!

  3. dang. i should have gone. i could have made out with Bloc Party

  4. I'm completely jealous of this. Not gonna lie.

  5. Unfortunate for you or for the recipient?