Tuesday, March 3, 2009

december's gravity

You got under my skin. You scratched and pulled and clawed your way through. And now I am stuck in your gravity, pinned to these thoughts and unanswered questions. My head tells me it is stupid, that there wasn't enough, that I knew better all along. My head assures me that it isn't reciprocated, it never was. My head says I grew up and forgot your name. My head says I took a deep breath and forgave you. My head is smart. My head knows better. And on the good days, my heart believes my head. So I laugh and crush and dance and flirt; spinning circles round my heart, moving too fast to notice the tug and pull. But then I hear that song, or I dream that dream, your laughter bounces off these walls, and your gravity stifles me again. You hold me without chains and nothing is taking me down. Except you, my love.

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